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Who is Mr Shaw?

Posted on 12-02-2020
Who is Mr Shaw?

My brand is called MrShaw and coincidently, so am I!

Karl created the MrShaw brand about four years ago, after working as a graphic designer for 25 years. He decided to create his own brand of clothing, based on everything he loved about graphic design.

The connection between Karl and the clothing he designs is very important, so it makes sense to step-up and do some modelling now and again. Although Karl doesn’t like being the focus of attention, it is good for the authenticity and ‘everyman’ appeal of his clothing brand. So, here he is wearing our Blocked Out Grey Tee!

Mr Shaw wearing our MrShaw Blocked Out Grey Tee

Mr Shaw says:


“The brand gives me a platform to reach and connect people and make them happy. Which in turn makes me feel great and happy. I want the brand to stand for all the things I believe in, being kind, keeping it real, showing integrity, sharing and caring. It’s about bringing people together.Influence and Pride.”


The MrShaw Brand

As a brand we like to pride ourselves on our heritage and values. We are a local independent men’s clothing brand from Derby, UK and are proud to be so. All of our clothes are printed and sourced locally, and we strive to provide the highest quality materials for our clothes.

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