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The Dial & Trinity Sweat Tops

Posted on 04-11-2018
The Dial & Trinity Sweat Tops

Our latest collection includes 3 sweat tops which embrace the seasonal tones, Khaki, Mustard and Burgundy.  

Each has our block icon logo screened on the left upper arm. The clean graphic positioning adds a subtle sophistication to the tops and lets the colour do the work. These bold colours allow you to high contrast or blend in tones with your overall styling. Look out on our social for ideas on how to dress these up. 

Naming our garments is a chance for us to pay homage to our Derby heritage. This particular collection of sweat tops we have called “The Dial and Trinity”. The Dial was a cool venue/bar near the Bold Lane area of Derby which throughout the 80’s and early 90’s became a very popular place for indie lovers playing live gigs and entertaining people from around the Midlands. The rave and house music scene entered the building in the 90’s introducing alternative dance nights. Upstairs above the Dial became Holy Trinity. For those who remember those days we hope our tops bring a smile to your face. We’d love to hear your stories of this iconic place either from the indie or dance days. Some may remember the building being called Union 1 and Union 2, which is very apt as Derby College now occupies that space. 

The Khaki colour sweat represents the Dial. We have added some graphic detail to the body of the top. Using a section of our icon we have formed the letter ‘D’. This adds an extra element to give the top its own Dial identity. 

The Mustard and Burgundy sweats are called the Trinity. 

We hope you enjoy this new range and we look forward to seeing how you style these tops. 

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