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Reminisce 5 our 1st Birthday

Posted on 14-05-2019
MrShaw Reminisce 5 – Our 1st Birthday Whoop Whoop
On the 1st of June 2019 we’re celebrating our 1st Reminisce Birthday at The Yard. We can hardly believe how fast the year has gone but also the love and vibe we’ve created. 

We’ve reignited a house music community in Derby which used to be alive back in the 90s. Obviously we’re slightly more sophisticated now but we sure still know how to party. We can’t help but call it the Reminisce Family! 

How can we put our night into words and how proud it makes us feel seeing smiling faces and everyone lost in the music? 
Well, we’ve asked some of our regular REM Ravers what their take on it is. Here’s the lovely Becky’s response. 

Why Reminisce?

{The soundtrack spinning in my head for this testimonial is Booty Luv’s Boogie 2nite: 🎶I found a place where we could boogie🎵💃🏼…}

Us Derby Ravers are indebted to Karl Shaw for creating the beautiful, energetic space that is Reminisce. It pops up to warmly welcome us back home, home to our selves. That 21 year old self you still feel inside but lost connection with since becoming a parent and/or responsible professional with a mortgage. You can drop the materialistic mundanity of your routine life and lose yourself in a mature yet hedonistic party atmosphere there.

Skilled resident DJ Gilly knows his crowd, builds the energy and guarantees to drop in tracks that unite everybody with huge smiles and hands in the air, time after time. We become present sharing pure joy at being together in our lives. It’s not just reminiscing; dancing liberates your mind, body and soul. 

Do you remember procuring a pineapple from Progress, sharing glow sticks at Gatecrasher, redefining your existence gazing at stars in Space, being mesmerised by expulsion of an egg in Manumission, totally integrating reflexivity in Cream, eating Dolly Mixture on a blanket in Sundissential or Paradise Factory’s ceiling raining evaporated sweat? No? Well, whatever you recall – the time is ripe for making new memories in Reminisce. 
This first birthday promises to be very special. Wear what makes you feel good and join the Mr Shaw REM fam, you’ll be made most welcome!🖤

Love and light Becky X

NB: The Yard provides Reminisce with a sophisticated venue, an intimate stage and core dance floor, with ample space surrounding so you’ll feel comfortable however close to the action you like to be. Unlike back in the clubs of the nineties The Yard bar sparkles, the security staff smile and the ladies’ toilets glitter. 

We think that pretty much sums it up and actually made us quite emotional. We can’t Reminisce without you lovely people and it’s you that makes the night so special. 

Our birthday celebration is going to be the bomb! We’ve not only got our resident DJ legend Gilly Jones but joining us for our birthday is special guest DJ Danny Clockwork. (Founder of the famous Clockwork Orange Nights)
And if you’ve heard about Danny you know he will certainly bring THE vibe. He’ll be dropping those classic tunes and bringing a touch of Ibiza to our very own Derbados. 

Danny Clockwork

You certainly don’t want to miss this night. Get yourself down and be part of the Reminisce Fam. 

Tickets are on sale on our site here

You can also purchase over the bar at the venue The Yard.