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MrShaw Reminisce 3

Posted on 15-02-2019
MrShaw Reminisce 3

Not long now before we hit the dance floor again. Based on the success of our December event we have secured The Yard to host the next MrShaw Reminisce club night. This will be held on Saturday 9th March. Ticket sales are going extremely well and with 3 weeks to go we are nearly at full capacity. We couldn’t be happier with the response. 

We personally felt Derby was missing a genuine house music night and the success of Reminisce suggests this is true. This night aims to bring good vibes and smiles all round, something that MrShaw promotes, just happy people looking to enjoy themselves through good music. 

At present we feel The Yard is a great environment to host our night, it has the right modern industrial feel and edge of sophistication we love. The fact it’s a destination venue adds to its appeal. A good selection of Reminisce goers complemented the fact it was away from the city centre hustle. The capacity being 230ish is a good amount as we feel it’s busy but not over crowded.

People may or may not be aware but we pay particular attention to the quality of ticket design and print we send out. Each ticket is specifically designed and unique to every event. Our 3rd ticket uses the triplex method which is a collection of 3 boards glued together to give extra thickness. This allows us to have the unique black colour centre board. Obviously this being the third event using 3 boards was the perfect execution.

Reminisce Ticket

To celebrate our third Reminisce night we got together with AVIT Media to shoot some lifestyle shots of our latest Reminisce garments.
On previous Reminisce nights it’s been our intention to sell products but we’ve never managed to get round to it! Well this time we thought we’d give it a go.

So anyone wanting to purchase on the night will get a good discount on the range. As with all MrShaw products these are excellent quality and represent casual sophistication. Spread the vibe!