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MrShaw: athleisure for the modern man

MrShaw: athleisure for the modern man

The modern man wants style in their menswear brand. They want to feel confident and they want to feel comfortable.

Fun with the family on a Saturday or relaxing on a Sunday, they want to wear something that looks good, feels great and works in any environment.

This is a MrShaw man; comfortable in modern mens athleisure wear.

Menswear Hoodie Shane Nicholson

Our brand ambassador, former footballer and now personal trainer and conditioning coach, Shane Nicholson, is a typical MrShaw man. He works hard in the week (and weekends), to spend more time with his family and people he loves – it’s what drives him.

Shane’s healthy living translates to his fashion, he works hard to stay in shape, and wants clothes that match this mentality, “As a bloke who’s usually in gym wear, it’s great to throw on clothes that look good in any environment – relaxed or smart casual”, Shane says.

“That’s what appeals about the MrShaw brand – it’s stylish and adaptable. And, on the plus side it’s a Derby-brand, a place which holds many special memories.”

Wind Breaker Jacket

Brand ambassador Shane Nicholson is modelling our Influence S Men’s Hoodie and Men’s Windbreaker Jacket, on sale now online.