Derby City Night Market - Mr Shaw 75
We're attending our very first Derby City Night Market, showcasing our DCFC Heritage Range, a series of t-shirts that fondly remember DCFC's success.
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Derby City Night Market

Derby City Night Market

To mark the occasion of the release of our final two DCFC Heritage range T-shirts, we have taken a stall at the Derby Night Market on Thursday 17th March (which also happens to be St Patrick’s Day). This will give people the opportunity to purchase them for the first time along with the Limited Edition Retro DCFC Legends and C-Stand tees. We would love you to come along and say hello, it should be a great night for Derby’s Cathedral Quarter and the host Sheena Holland. The last Night Market in November saw a footfall of around 20,000 people!

We had a long debate regarding the names of the tees as they needed to be befitting to the years they represent. For the 80s we decided on ‘The BBG‘, short for The Baseball Ground. This is testimony to the great years and memories this holds, it can evoke so many feelings for fans of all generations. The t-shirt includes great iconic players such as Bobby Davison, Mark Wright, Rob Hindmarch and the instrumental manger of the time Author Cox.

The 90s based tee we have called ‘The Pride‘ which relates to the emotional move from the Baseball Ground to Pride Park Stadium in 1997. This era was tough in the sense of who to put on the t-shirt because there were so many great players! However we are confident we chose wisely! Key players we know won the hearts of many fans were legends like Igor Stimac, Stefano Eranio and unsung heroes like Robin Van Der Laan. And not forgetting the charismatic manager Jim Smith who took them to the Premier League, with the support and backing of the loyal fan and Chairman Lionel Pickering.

This is just the start for the Mr Shaw brand. Be sure to follow our journey and join our database for new arrivals coming soon.