About Us - Mr Shaw 75
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The Mr Shaw Brand.

I’m a designer, not a man of words, so putting all this in black and white is a little tricky for me.

Everything I do is real… it comes from my heart. It’s the only way I know.
I’m a visual guy and I like to work intuitively, it’s all about mood and feeling – connecting in a human way rather than calculating manner.
My love of shape, colour and space etc. are the reason I set up Silver Birch Creative, my Graphic Design company in 2008.

The clothing brand has evolved from the same philosophy.
I describe it as Influence and Pride; Influence others, and Pride in what you do.
Heritage and respect are important factors too. Old fashioned values in a modern, diverse world, hence the name ‘Mr Shaw’ rather than just ’Shaw’ – a kind of gentlemanly touch.
I want my family name to live on as the male bloodline will end with me – Mr Shaw will carry the name into the future.

When I started, Mr Shaw was a great way to keep my creative juices flowing; free from commercial and client constraints.
I had often thought about developing a clothing brand as fashion is a great love of mine and I can’t deny the buzz from knowing someone would wear my brand… a living, breathing identity.

The ’S’ Icon has been carefully considered, and is a combination of Form and Function.
The form is obviously from the ’Shaw’ name but the design has more meaning and depth than just a memorable shape.
It is designed to appeal to all ages, so youth, middle and old age are represented by the 3 lines that form the lettershape.
The horizontal line in the middle separates the past from the future, by understanding what has happened, you can improve and move forward.

I know that is all a bit pretentious, and, as I said, I’m a visual man rather than a writer, but all good design needs a rationale… otherwise it is just decoration.
Without a reason for things to be as they are, the design will be rather ‘hollow’

Anyway, enough of the words, I want to get things done… and if we are talking, I’d rather do it face to face, with a drink and a smile.